Which color is better for this MJ hobo?

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  1. I am struggling which one to choose. Please help me.
    Butter yellow

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  2. Depends on what color you are lacking in your handbag collection but I'd go for black in that style.

    Good luck and let us know what color you decide.
  3. :yes: ^I agree....I like the black better in this style....Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
  4. For what it is worth I prefer the black as well. I'm not a fan of the yellow leather and gold hardware combo.

    Let us know which one you choose!!
  5. Well someone has to vote for Butter and I guess that person is me!! :P I'm not really a fan of the black and gold hardware. I have the Butter hobo and several bags later, it's still one my favorite bags. It's a very lush, rich color and it's surprisingly versatile. I always get compliments on that bag.
  6. Black in this style looks a bit plain, so I choose butter yellow.
  7. I like both, but it depends on your wardrobe. I'm personally of the mindset that one can never have too many black bags...however, for this bag I prefer yellow.
  8. I like the butter yellow.
  9. i actually have this bag in black, so i'll vote for that color :smile: it's a great casual black bag...though one thing i'll warn you about with this style is that it's very slouchy, so that fabulous shape doesn't really stay that way once it's full & being carried. still a lovely bag, though.

    you could always order both & choose once you have them to see in person....that's what i'd do ;)
  10. I think that the black would be more classic and versatile; however, I saw someone with the yellow hobo last week and it was TDF! Go with whatever you love and think will work for you. I don't think you can really go wrong here. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
  11. as much as I like the versatility of black bags, somehow i find that MJ bags look better in colors. So I'm voting for the butter yellow...

    it really depends on whether you'd use that colors though. I've chosen black over colors i thought were nicer because i knew i wouldn't end up using a certain color =P

    Tell us what u decide on!
  12. Oh, Thanks for your opinions. Actually I love both of them. Black is perfect in the winter, while butter yellow will be better in the spring/summer. Now I am thinking to keep both of them. :sad:
  13. Finally, I return the butteryellow hobo today. I found the black one looks perfect with my coat.
  14. Congrats on your new bag! Please post pics!! :yahoo:
  15. YES!Pics!!Congrats!