Which color inclusion bracelet PM?


Which inclusion bracelet color PM do you like most?

  1. Clear

  2. Black

  3. Gray

  4. Other.. please explain

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  1. Which color inclusion bracelet PM do you like most?
  2. pomme!
  3. I love the grey inclusion bracelets and am so glad that LV finally decided to design a silver toned one. Now if only we could get LV to make a blue inclusion bracelet as well :p
  4. I like them all but I LOVE the fact that the grey inclusion bracelet has SILVER inclusions instead of the gold inclusions!! I finally have a grey bracelet with silver that matches all of my silver colored jewelry!!! But, I still wear the other inclusions with my silver colored jewlery.
  5. I agree about the blue. They're all nice especially the black & grey.
  6. Whats nice is that they all go well together. When you stack them they look really pretty.
  7. Black gets my vote... it's my fave color for bracelets!
  8. All! Lol.
    I'm loving the gray right now...get one in a neutral color that will go with everything, either black or gray.
  9. Beige, Gray, then Black.
  10. I thought I was going to be original with pomme but I see Kimalee already suggested it. I think the colour would really pop! Especially if you wear a lot of neutrals or black.
  11. Hard choice between the Black and Gray as both are gorgeous.

    In the end, I'd most likely get the BLACK. :tup:
  12. The amarante is gorgeous. I have that one and the transparent one as well.

    I hope I can get the gray one next.
  13. Gray gets my vote.
  14. Gray and black! I wear my black ones the most often...but now that I've gotten the gray, I use it all the time!
  15. Pink but from what I own Grey and Black