Which Color In The Work???

  1. Okay, I don't want to get anything too bright...or at least I don't think I do. :shrugs:
    I'm thinking it's between the griege, bleu glacier, or argyle. What do you think would look best??? Thanks for any input!!

    Oh, and as an everyday bag (I do carry a lot with me) would the work be better than the weekender? Is the weekender just too big for everyday use?
  2. Bleu Glacier!
  3. ^^ITA with Kitegirl. Bleu Glacier would be colorful without being too bright -- there's a lot of gray in that blue. Greige is lovely, though!

    Personally, I prefer the smaller bags -- I've been working my way "up" to a City...but I might find it's too big when I go to look at it. So I'd go with Work for an everyday bag, not Weekender -- those are huge!
  4. I think a large part of Balenciaga bag colour choice has to do with your wardrobe colours. From your choices listed (without knowing your wardrobe), I would choose the argyle.

    I wish you well,

  5. I have a Sapin Work that I just love--it's nice and dark yet "not black"...it works well for business (not too bright but adds a spash of color) and travel (dark enough that it doesn't get dirty easily)...

    for the new colors though, Bleu Glacier is gorgeous! It would be great in ANY bag!!! :yes:
  6. Greige...
  7. argyle :party:
  8. Or there's also black...but is that too boring? I already have a black city and a black first...I do wear a lot of black though. Oh man...I'm so confused!!
  9. If you wear a lot of black, I'd go with the bleu glacier because it will pop against your outfits and be really special-looking!
  10. Bleu Glacier :yes:

    Between the work and weekender I would pick the work because the weekender is really too big for everyday. Does the city not fit all your stuff? Have you considered the Part time? Or is that also not big enough?
  11. bleu glacier, is the work hard to carry with all that stuff in it though? I wish it had an extra strap
  12. Out of those choices I would vote for Blue Glacier.

    I have a Work in Sapin, which I love, but I think a Work would look fabulous in Blue Glacier!

    Good luck and let us know what you decide:smile:
  13. I would say Blue Glacier in a Weekender!!
    I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Weekender - it is BIG but can hold absolutely everything you might possibly need! :yes:
    I do not have a Work but a lot of PFers do and they love them!
    I guess it depends on if you want a big bag or a really BIG bag!
  14. Bleu Glacier...
    and not in your short list but gorgeous IMO : Anthracite
  15. greige