Which color in suhali, i'm going crazy!!!

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  1. Okay so I ordered the L'Ingénieux PM in white. Then I bring it home with for spring break to show my mom and she tells me that I should get this bag in another color and I should get the Fab in the white so here is my questions please help!!!

    1. Do you think that I should exchange my L'Ingénieux PM for a white Fab?
    2. I'm for sure going to get another L'Ingénieux PM becasue I like the style but if I get a white Fab what color should I get in the L'Ingénieux PM
    3. I already have a blue fab, so no blue choice please, but is it dumbe to get another handbag in the same style but different color?
    4. I was able to copy pictures of the fab in different colors from elux. but not L'Ingénieux PM. If you go to louisvuitton.com you can see all the colors.

    Thank you so much I've been debating all week then at one point I was going to return the L'Ingénieux PM and buy either the dalmation or the tweedy--I know most of you will say crazy crazy girl WHAT were you THINKING--but I've been getting so frustated with what to do that I was just gonna give up. I'm sure you can all relate at some point. Maybe I should seek therapy for my obsessive handbag thoughts:weird::lol::lol:.

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  2. I love the red one. The black is nice but it's more of a winter color and why get a bag that you wouldn't use until Fall?
    I don't even have any red shoes, clothes, accessories that would go with red, but if I had that bag, I'd go out and find things to coordinate it with.
  3. I think clanalois just received a white le fab..and its DARLING!
  4. Both of them in white are stunning :love:
  5. Black for le ingenieux and white in the le fabuleux. in my opinion, the le fab was MADE to be in white. it looks so well with gold hardware and the design *sigh*........
  6. White :love:
  7. Hello again, I just spoke with eluxury and set up the exchange for the white Fab, I know that this is going to be the best choice! I'll post pictures ASAP, but it's going to be a good week or so becuase they have to do an exchange. :nuts:

    Know my only question is what color L'Ingénieux PM black or geranium (sp?)? Thank YOu all so much:love:
  8. My personal preference would be black for both. I'd just be really concerned over marks and stains on a white bag. The white does look stunning though !~
  9. Hello again, I just spoke with elux. and the fab will be here by FRIDAY!!!!! I'm sooo excited. I have my digital camera home so I'll take pictues asap and post!!:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  10. Yay! Can't wait to see them :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Lucky girl, I want one! :love:
  11. White!!:love: :love: or Red!
  12. white
  13. Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I actually like the black!
  15. The white is beautiful