Which color Hayden Harnett wallet?

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  1. I'm not sure which HH bag I will be keeping, but both are Chocolate. I don't really like brown wallets for some reason and so the color does not have to match. I want to get the Clutch wallet. Which color would be good: Soft Gold, Pewter, Plum or Colbalt (don't laugh!)...does blue absolutely not look good with brown? Help me!
  2. a vote for plum here!
  3. i like the plum too!
  4. i love blue and brown together!! Indiaink has the carryall in Cobalt and she said it's the best thing she's seen in a while :smile: i believe she mentioned that she "gasped" when she took it out of it's box!

    i think you're looking at some of the best HH colors. i personally love how they do purples, so the plum is such a safe buy. i have also been eyeing their soft gold leather but have yet to see it IRL. online it looks amazing though!

    the only one i'm not crazy about is pewter cause i think it runs the risk of looking 'dirty'...
  5. I have the clutch wallet in plum, and it's TDF. I have the carryall cosmetic case in cobalt. It's also TDF. Plum and cobalt (blue) go together very nicely. To have these things in my handbag is a pure pleasure. It's just the best therapy in the world. Seriously. Color! Always! I will take a photo of the 'guts' of my handbag soon and share with ya'll...

    The clutch wallet in plum is just perfect - but then I've got a thing for purple. And beautiful leather. And fantastic hardware. And the fact that this wallet holds every card I could ever want. What I really like is that the coin purse is a zippered area inside next to the slot for bills - which makes it darned easy to slide change into with one hand while putting bills back with the other.

    Probably not much help, but I think I should be getting an "A" in Enabling 101, don't you, Jandelvis? :roflmfao:
  6. Thanks girls! My heart is saying Colbalt but my head is saying plum! Jandelvis, I'm glad I'm not the only one that like those colors together...I think I will pass on the Pewter...that was my least fave of the bunch. I'm still thinking about the soft gold tho', she's verrrrry pretty. Oh boy....too many decisions this week :smile:
  7. I have the clutch wallet in cobalt - it goes with everything I have - but that's just me LOL

    I like how the colour pops in my bag so I don't have to dig for it!

    I mean I am already playing it safe with my bags because I use most of them for work as well - so I would like to brighten up with accessories.

    The plum, is also a nice choice in my opinion - the cobalt, plum and moss green are my 3 favourite colours from HH
  8. Indiaink...I have a thing for color too. I forced myself get a Chocolate bag because all of my clothes are colorful and I didn't want to look like Rainbow Brite:smile:. I like the idea of maybe getting a colbalt carryall and the plum wallet and now I'm totally copying you here! I will post all my pics when i get everything together!
  9. I just got my mercer wallet in plum and I LOVE it! Gorgeous color and it really pops inside the bags so it's easy to find!
  10. It's between the Colbalt and the Plum.....I wish my wallet would hurry up and sell! Is the plum pretty plummy? Indiaink, could you please post pics when you have a chance?:smile:
  11. I see your hesitation in the plum... what are you worried about? The plum colour is more of a muted darker purple. I have a plum tassel and the colour is really rich.

    In terms of brightness, the cobalt is much brighter!

    I have attached my plum tassel and my cobalt wallet.
    One picture with flash and the other picture without. Surprisingly the one with flash shows the colour better on this one.

    Maybe you should just get both! :roflmfao:

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  12. I think more than I'm hesistant is that I DO want them both...heehee! I'm so bad with color decisions...I'm a gemini and I want all the colors! Thanks so much for the picture, I appreciate it!
  13. lol me too!
    i'm a libra and it takes me forever to decide something!
  14. Actually, my clutch wallet in plum is closer to the color in the picture WITHOUT the flash - I am at work until 5, or I'd post a photo sooner -
  15. My vote is for cobalt, I LOVE it!