Which color hardware on Black Crash/BE?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted everyone's opinion on which hardware looks better on the black crash, silver or gold?
  2. I prefer silver hardware most of the times and especially with black. It looks much more casual. I'm really happy that I picked the silver because it looks great with the crash leather but if you prefer gold I'm sure the bag is stunning, too.
  3. I LOVE silver..i almost never buy bags with gold hardware..silver just goes with more of my jewelry, clothes, lifestyle, and doesnt change color as much as gold toned hardware. Overall, I just tend to use and enjoy my silver hardware bags way more than my gold hardware ones.
  4. Silver! I have it on my pewter crash and love it!
  5. One other thing to mention - the hardware on the BE bags is quite shiny when I compare them to my other bags...certainly the hardware is more noticeable and will stand out..

    Personally, I like the silver better, but I'm always more inclined toward silver hardware!
  6. I think it's such an individual thing. I love (and I mean LOVE) gold hw on black bags, so it's what you like better that is important.