Which color Hampstead?

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  1. I am sold on this style but trying to choose between these two colors and having such a hard time deciding! I figured this group would be able to relate and full of opinions. The leather is a bit different with the navy having more texture than the tan/brown (Mulberry calls it tan, but it is a bit more brown to me). The picture of the full bags (versus the close up) is a more accurate representation of the tan color. I want a color that works in any season with many outfits. In other words, a bag that is a year-round, versatile color. 57437359777__2B99E219-2382-4D17-8BC2-552D3BE4C61C.jpg 57437377054__B24C34C8-62B1-4448-8444-F07D666B6688.JPG
  2. I think navy is my favourite :smile:
  3. I like the navy! It’s a great neutral.
  4. I also love the navy but I do have a weakness for that color. Still, it’s a tough decision if you like both. In a case like this I would then think of my outfits and which suit them best.
  5. Thank you all! I really like the navy, but I realized standing in my closet that I have a ton of navy clothes and am a little worried it will look like I just want to match. The brown is gorgeous, but it seems too dark when I hold it up with my summer clothes. I'm thinking I may try the lighter blue, which is definitely summery but seems like a neutral. I may end up with light blue or navy for now then buying the brown for fall and winter. Or they may have more colors by then. It is such a great style!
  6. I went for the oak one as I prefer the smooth over the grainy leather. It feels so much more luxurious than the grained leather. I’m loving the bucket shape right now
    It’s a very handy bag !

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  7. It is gorgeous and yes, I like the smooth leather texture of the oak also. I really think I’m going to keep the light blue for summer then reorder the tan for fall. It is such a great style and size!
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