Which color ginny?

  1. Have wanted to get the Ginny or vara for sometime. I will mostly use it as a day to night going out bag. I mostly wear neutrals white, grey, camel, black, shades of blue, jeans. Trying to decide on between the following colors
    Indian Blue
    Macaron, a pink nude
    I have only neutral bags. I am attracted to the Macaron but wondering if it is too safe with my wardrobe. Also the piece in the store already shows dirt on the bow and its the only piece they have as both colors are on sale.
    Any opinions?

  2. Love the style. I haven't tried any of the lighter coloured bags - I assume there are no colour transfer issues? Against your jeans etc for the Macaron, I mean. Both are pretty colours - I personally prefer the blue as it will pop against neutral backgrounds.
  3. Thanks Silkpearl, it's a lovely style, dressy and casual, can be worn cross body or shoulder and decent size but not too big. The macaron may have color transfer issues too, good point.
  4. I would go for the blue!! It would be nice to have a pop of color. I recently purchased the ginny in blue as well and I can't wait to wear it in the spring and summer.
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  5. Another vote for blue. I find blue to be so much more versatile than people think and it can add color to any outfit. Let us know what you decide.
  6. I actually really like the lighter colored bag. It reminds me of my beige Gucci. It can go with everything, and looks great with any colored jeans. As for color transfer, I mean I have color transfer on a couple bags, but it's just a part of wear and tear. Plus, it's only on the side no one can see.
  7. Thanks ladies.
    I was torn till the last but the Macaron was a last piece and a bit damaged so my decision was easy. I got the same blue as ilysukixd.
    Yeah applecidered, the color is very elegant and versatile. If this style works for me I will get the same or similar bag in a nude beige shade after a while.
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    Beautiful bag !!!
  9. Hi! I have the miss vara mini in an off-white and a ginny in a navy blue. I wind up using the off-white much more and have never had an issue with color transfer! I have a Youtube video comparing all of mine (I also have a grey quilted miss vara) if that would help!
  10. Thanks I watched your videos and loved them, I got the blue but maybe the bisque some time later will be great
  11. Thanks so much, I appreciate it! I think you'll love the blue. This style will probably be around for a while, so I bet you can get the new bisque for quite a while if you decide to!
  12. I agree.
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