Which color GH city should I get?

  1. First of all, I'm going to call BalNY and make sure they are ok with me making a second exchange. If they are, I need suggestions on which color to get. I definately want giant hardware, but open on which color. I have a white gh city and a red gh city. I want either an anthracite, vert gazon, or vert d'eau GH city. The anthracite is great for fall too. The vert d'eau is such a beautiful pastel and I could wear the red for fall. The vert gazon is just a great color. Help!
    Forgot to mention that I'm returning sandstone gh city.
  2. Vert Gazon is a gorgeous colour, and with GH.....stunning. :yahoo: That would be my choice.
  3. Well said, I second that:yes:
  4. Don't you have the Vert D'eau Day? :shrugs: Since you already have the White and Red Giant City then i would go for the Anthracite Giant.:yes: I think Anthracite with the gold hardware looks much prettier. Unless you want another bright color bag.:confused1: :heart:
  5. Why don't you like the Sandstone? Is it because it is too much of a neutral? In that case, I think you would probably prefer something that pops, such as Vert Gazon ... or Vert D'eau for a more muted pop. Do you know if BalNY still has VG and Vert D'eau?
  6. Anthracite w/gh. I have this combo in the work style and absolutely love it!
  7. I would say Anthracite based on your current collection.
  8. another vote for vert gazon...

    this color is so wowwww with GH. anthrasite is too dull & boring for me. vert d'eau is also gorgeous with GH. btw, when compared to vert gazon, i myself prefer vert gazon as it pops more.:yahoo:
  9. Vert Gazon w/ GH :yes:
  10. Toughie! I have Antracite with GH and it is absolutely gorgeous but it IS hard to blend with my clothes (and I wear mostly boring neutrals). But the few things I can work it with do look amazing. VG or Aqua are next in line for me, both of those colors with GH take my breath away!
  11. VG gets my vote. Just about to get mine so I may be a bit biased but I think it really makes the GH seriously pop
  12. Based on your collection, I'd go with Anthracite, followed by VG. If you really don't have a preference between the two, pick the one with the best leather. Have fun.......I'm so envious. I'd love to go to BalNY to pick out my own bag!
  13. No I returned the vert d'eau day to get the sandstone.
  14. I say VG, but do you have black? That would be great too.
  15. I'm not sure if they have either bag... But so far I've had great luck with their stock.