Which color for the Monogram Pallas?

  1. Love the red! Will it come in different sizes and what is the price point?
  2. Not sure but so far one size. Price here is about $1900+ in Hawaii.
  3. Def red
  4. Red
  5. Is this a new bag... Boy am I out of the LV world!! I really like the first one!! Do you guys have a full pic of the bag?? TIA...
  6. $2180 13x9x5 approximate measurement and 2 more colors for release in September....khaki and something else. The pics 1st page....these are coming out August 1st. Can't wait to see these iRL!
  7. DITTO! I was thinking the same thing...I try to stay away from this place...but I miss so much when I do...UGH! Mo Money ~ :sweatdrop: Mo Money
  8. Both gorgeous! Aurore the most imo, love it! =)
  9. Go for the pop of color! You won't regret something that looks unique as opposed to a bag you'll always see someone else carrying too.
  10. Just about flipped out and decided I needed this bag until this post! Good point! Thx!
  11. +1
  12. Here's another pic.
  13. I saw them and their beautiful. The interior is like soft velvet either burgundy or maroon depending on which color you choose.
  14. Posted a full pic.
  15. Wow what a lovely bag! Can't wait to see reveals when it comes out! (I can't afford anything new for a long time thanks to grad school tuition...) :cry: