Which color for Reissue 226

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  1. Hi. Can you guys help me choose a color for a new 2.55 Reissue in the m/l size (I think it's the 226 size)? Choices are (ALL CAVIAR):

    Black with gold hw
    Black with silver hw
    Navy blue with gold hw
    Grey with gold hw

    I already have a black WOC with gold hw, but I'm not really sure if that should even play into the decision. Thanks!
  2. grey w/gold!
  3. black with gold
  4. Either black with ghw or grey with ghw. Both are stunning! Although I haven't seen any new grey reissues have you? You might have to go used.
  5. Actually, I did find one at a department store near my house. They are hard to find - I was hoping to find one at Saks so that I could get my new-card-discount, but they only have the navy and the black.
  6. For some reason, when it comes to reissues, I only like the black with ghw. I like colors in the classic flaps better.

  7. Which store did you find it? I've been looking for a grey for ages! Is it aged calf?

    If so, I think you should go grey. Such a beautiful neutral color. Black will always be around.
  8. Black with GHW!
  9. Just got back from Bloomindales in NYC. THEY HAD THE GREY REISSUE with gold hardware in caviar leather!! Yay!! I bought it right away. Didn't get to use my Saks discount, but did get Bloomies loyalty points.


    It's interesting, because they referred to it as a blue color. The more I look at it, the more I love the color because it has different casts in different environments. LOVE IT!!
  10. It's caviar leather. Got it at Bloomies NYC. They also have a bunch of them at Hirshleifers in Manhasset. I think Saks told me that the aged calf is available through their store. Good luck!
  11. Black with GHW!
  12. I saw that Grey with Gold Caviar reissue at Hirsh & Bloomies recently. Normally I only like Grey with Silver or Ruth but this was really pretty! Congrats and post some pics!
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391038350.022854.jpg

    Burgundy or beige caviar with GHW, very beautiful.
  14. I am for burgundy looks amazing byzantine style
  15. Yeah... The problem is, they're ALL gorgeous!! But I'm loving the grey... :smile: