Which color for my second Paddy?


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
Ginger said:
I saw the blue online in Bergdorf...it's really nice and different from your collection. Smile, I am so envious of your ladies...I'm just waiting on my first paddy. :biggrin:
I am too (next week, yay!), and everyone here is on their second or third :lol: I don't think I'll be a part of that group, though. I am getting a new car next month so my bag budget is going way down!


Fellow "Passionista"
Nov 20, 2005
Issmom said:
FendiBagLady...I saw the light blue at BG yesterday...I wasn't so excited. Its a strange combination (to my eyes...no offense) of pale gray and baby blue. A wishy-washy sorta color. I would definitely go with the anthracite if that is your other choice. But given your preference for brown, I'm assuming that it goes with most of your wardrobe. If that's the case, I say the cream. It will go with anything that brown goes with (the anthracite is more in the black family) but will really pop in a way that brown doesn't.

I just think that the Paddington is a very strong design and the lock is certainly a statement. I think its not a good combination with a wishy washy color.

Go to BG and see it.....
.....Said so well

Fendibaglady, WE need to see your gorgeous collection! Post pictures???!!!!!


Dec 15, 2005
I just got my anthracite and its a really great color, its totally spunky yet practical. It will go with everything and its good year round.


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Superbaby said:
I already have 3 paddies (rouge, choc brown, and ivory) and i am going to buy another anthracite one!! hahahaha :lol:

Superbaby, you got THREE paddys already!! Dang, you ARE super!! :lol:


Sep 27, 2005
New York City
star3777 said:
.....Said so well

Fendibaglady, WE need to see your gorgeous collection! Post pictures???!!!!!
Oh my, you ladies give some great advice! Thank you! I would LOVE to post my collection but the problem is that my bf left our (new and very good) digital camera in a hotel room a couple months back and my huge handbag expenditures have come before buying a new one! I really need to invest in another one though; I miss our Nikon terribly. I have no recent pictures of my beautiful little dogs!

Anyway I will post it as soon as I get a new camera or borrow my sister's or if someone who is more technologically advanced than I am (and that doesn't take much as I am WAY backwards when it comes to anything technological) can suggest another way to get the pictures uploaded.

As for the second Paddy I am super torn...I think you all have great suggestions about which one to get - and I agree with Fayden who says to collect them all! If I could afford it I would get the entire line. The cream is lovely (I do have a white Balenciaga hobo though, but the style is totally different). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the anthracite and I am so-so on the light blue. I think if the SA at Bergdorf's can secure an anthracite for me I will get that one and then maybe get a cream closer to the summer (provided they still have them). Anyway I will keep you updated.


Jan 17, 2006
FendiBagLady said:
I am seriously considering getting a second Paddy. I have the red right now and cannot decide which color to get. I love the Whisky but I have a cognac Silverado which is very similar in color and I have a Mulberry Bayswater which is also similar in color. I like the brown but I have a Roxanne in brown and a Novak in brown and a Spy in cognac. So more brown or tan my be overkill. I love the electric blue but it seems impossible to find. BG may be getting in the antrhacite or powder blue, both of which I like.

Opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!
I saw the light blue in NM today. It's actually a little more grey in color, but still beautiful. I bought the Choco today. I'm in Love :love: !


Jan 8, 2006
Since been on this forum, i've become a fan for paddingtons in the whiskey and chocolate brown.... :biggrin:

totally excellent choice with the chocolate... you should post some pics up so we can all point and giggle!


Oct 22, 2005
My advice is to go for the ivory..I am a little partial, but it is such a beautiful bag in that color...so classic!! It goes with EVERYTHING!!! I know people are nervous about it getting dirty, but its so durable and rugged, yet soft, that its gonna be hard to get this one dirty! ;)


Jan 2, 2006
i just received both the light blue and the ivory from NM- i agree with the others that the light blue is very grey and very "washed out". i'm sending it back. i will keep the ivory one though!


Nov 9, 2005
Have you checked out the color mousse? It looks like it might be dark jean colored. It is on LVR and it has silver hardware not gold. It looks like a color I could love and I keep wanting to order it.