Which color for my second Paddy?

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  1. I am seriously considering getting a second Paddy. I have the red right now and cannot decide which color to get. I love the Whisky but I have a cognac Silverado which is very similar in color and I have a Mulberry Bayswater which is also similar in color. I like the brown but I have a Roxanne in brown and a Novak in brown and a Spy in cognac. So more brown or tan my be overkill. I love the electric blue but it seems impossible to find. BG may be getting in the antrhacite or powder blue, both of which I like.

    Opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. The new light blue... :biggrin:
  3. I don't think the light blue looks as good with the hardware, but I haven't seen it up close. What about the charcoal/dark grey color? I saw one last week at NM, it was nice! But if it's light blue or anthracite, my vote is for the anthracite. Fayden's looks great!
  4. i love the ivory!
  5. another vote for ivory!
  6. I think the cream color would be good for you because it will be different from every other bag you own,(all of them as you said are brown). If you wear dark clothes the cream would really stand out against them. And I think for spring- cream( or the powder blue).
  7. i have the red/wine one and the anthracite, love them both so much. i'm thinking about whiskey for my third one, but i really need to have some self control here, 3 of the same bag but in diff colors? i need to get help...
  8. Ok Fayden, here is the help you need, run out and get the ivory, they are all great colors!!!! Get the light blue before they run out!:love:
  9. I already have 3 paddies (rouge, choc brown, and ivory) and i am going to buy another anthracite one!! hahahaha :lol:

    GET THEM ALL !!!
  10. Ha.. I'm a huge fan of the ivory also- and the blue is just stunning!! I couldn't pick between my red or the blue when I bought it... let us know what you decide!!
  11. oh man, you rock! lmao. so i guess i'm not too crazy. lol.
  12. Whats LMAO ?
  13. laughing my a** off... lol.
  14. FendiBagLady...I saw the light blue at BG yesterday...I wasn't so excited. Its a strange combination (to my eyes...no offense) of pale gray and baby blue. A wishy-washy sorta color. I would definitely go with the anthracite if that is your other choice. But given your preference for brown, I'm assuming that it goes with most of your wardrobe. If that's the case, I say the cream. It will go with anything that brown goes with (the anthracite is more in the black family) but will really pop in a way that brown doesn't.

    I just think that the Paddington is a very strong design and the lock is certainly a statement. I think its not a good combination with a wishy washy color.

    Go to BG and see it.....
  15. I saw the blue online in Bergdorf...it's really nice and different from your collection. Smile, I am so envious of your ladies...I'm just waiting on my first paddy. :biggrin: