Which color for first reissue?

Jul 14, 2008
I first fell in love with the matte grey with silver HW but I keep on looking at pics on here and I can't decide now..

This is my first (and probably only) reissue and I'm going to be using it as an everyday bag and def as an evening bag (don't have very many evening bags). I also don't want it to look 'dated' later or be super delicate because I want to use it forever.

Should I get matte grey with silver hardware, metallic black with black hardware, or metallic dark silver with silver hardware? I can't really tell from the pictures if the metallic shades are super shiny or not.. I don't know if I'd be so into them if they are very shiny. Any other suggestions are fine but I want to stay in the more black/greys as they are more versatile colors for me.


Jan 1, 2007
hi caterpillar! i too bought my first reissue (which incidentally was my first chanel) earlier this year and i got the ss08 dark silver. i really love both the matte grey and new dark silver.

i would personally go for the matte grey if delicacy is an issue. i have not used my reissue that often but can tell that the metallic finish is already wearing off the bottom corners as well as the corners of the flap!