Which color for Envelope Pouch??!!

  1. I am trying to get a Vernis Envelope Pouch when it comes out next month. But, I couldn't decide whether to get it in Pomme d'Amour or Framboise. Which color do you think looks better??
  2. I can not decide myself. I know I'm getting the pomme d'amour, and also want the framboise, but I'm not sure whether I"ll go for two of them. I gotta see it first....do you have any other vernis pieces in either color? Are you more of a pink or a red kinda girl?
  3. I'd get the Pomme d'Amour. You can never go wrong with having something red, IMO.
  4. Pomme d'Amour or you can change your mind when you see them IRL..
  5. I like the red one. I like deep colors.
  6. I like the pomme damour.
  7. mickloisem -

    No, I don't have anything in Vernis line. I think I am more of a pink girl, but red looks good. It's just hard to choose. And I will not buy two, so I must choose one color that looks good now and 10 years from now.

    Does Pomme d'Amour looks really dark? I think I like brighter red more.
  8. It's not incredibly dark. It's definitely darker than the old red but it's still bright and shiny.
  9. It's darker than the old red, but still brilliant and beautiful.
    Check it out IRL and I think you'll love it. Oh, esp when you take it outdoors in the sunlight---TDF! I have the pochette wallet already....
  10. I'd get the Pomme over the Framboise! :drool: It's such a rich color!
  11. Does anyone know the dimensions of the envelope pouch? I was at LV yesterday and asked but they didn't have a clue.
  12. I put my name down for Framboise couple days ago, do you think SA will let me change the color if I decides to?
  13. Pomme d'Amour!
  14. I"m going by memory, so I may be slightly off, but I think ....5.5" by 3.9" by 2.2"
  15. Pomme, such a gorgeous red and I'm not even a red person. :lol: