Which color for envelope bag

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  1. image.jpeg

    The 1st one top left is asphault gray. Top right is black. Bottom left is marine/navy. Bottom right is denim blue. I have many black bags so debating between the rest. Thoughts?
  2. They are all great. I like the marine/navy best.
  3. Asphalt gray! Or black, but it sounds like you're not considering black.
  4. I prefer the black but gray is nice too.
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  5. Yeah, I too, really prefer the black out of all of these. It looks dressier. But I think the asphalt grey could be nice for a more casual or understated look.
  6. Black, otherwise grey
  7. I like marine navy
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  8. Black. I have the black one with gold hardware in the large size.
  10. They are all excellent choices and as a black bag person when deviating from my favourite colour choice, I go for the colour that would best match my wardrobe. Hope that helps!

    PS. The denim blue bag is beautiful though. I wouldn’t mind having a SLG in that colour!
  11. I have this bag in black, so i am slightly biased but i would choose the Navy next!
  12. Top left grey!
  13. I vote for black. Classic and goes with everything
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  14. 1st vote for denim blue. It's pretty versatile
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