Which color DY ring?

  1. I really want one of these I just can't decide on the color I want lol.


    Blue Topaz

  2. blue topaz
  3. I really like the first one!
  4. I like the Prasolite color the most.
  5. I love the garnet.
  6. prasolite. i think it is the colour that best suits the setting.
  7. I love the first one b/c it's so versatile. :smile:
  8. i like the prasolite.
    but fyi, my mom just got the garnet one and the jeweler said that dy's garnet is going to be mcuh more rare now because something happened with his garnet supplier? i don't know, but if that's a consideration...
  9. blue topaz
  10. I like the garnet the best. Well, ok I own the first one in a necklace and I regret it and wish I had gotten a darker color, so that is influencing my decision. The topaz is pretty too. Go try them on and see which you like best on your hand!
  11. garnet
  12. I bought the prasiolite one back in Feb. and I just love it. You can wear it with pretty much anything!
  13. The blue topaz is really pretty and great for summer, but with the prasolite you'll be able to wear it all year long and it'll match with any outfit.
  14. I think Prasolite is the nicest too. Followed by Blue Topaz
  15. Blue topaz