which color do you prefer... PINK Or WHITE and why please?

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  1. I like the pink for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I love all things pink but also I think the pink would be a little easier to keep clean than the white would be.
  2. Pink! Way easier to keep clean and more fun!
  3. Pink!!
  4. Pink because I love the color pink!!
  5. Probably the pink. Looks like it would be easier to keep clean.
  6. Pink is a very cheerful color and will brighten your day every time you look at it :smile: Just speaking from personal experience!
  7. Pink!It's so cute and looks easier to clean.
  8. the PINK it really pops and is so cute
  9. Definitely pink - it's so bright and colorful, and won't show dirt like white will.
  10. Pink!!!!
  11. Pink!
  12. pink is so pretty...
  13. I'd say PINK! Because it's soooo pretty and a little more stylish IMO.
  14. pink.. because its such a girly color.. looks so much cuter!