Which color do you like more?


Which color

  1. Mocha

  2. Nutmeg

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I went ahead and ordered the Mocha, I'm so impatient lol. I don't have any dark brown bags so that would proably be the better choice for me. Thanks!
  3. Both of them are pretty. I tended to avoid light color bags since I know I will srewed them up. Good pick. Congratulation!!!
  4. It really depends on one's wardrobe. I voted for nutmeg, since that kind of dark reddish brown is not my cup of tea. I could imagine myself toting nutmeg with black, tan, nude and many brighter colours.
  5. I prefer the Mocha, too! I prefer darker color bags. Enjoy your purchase!
  6. Mocha.
  7. Well I received the mocha today. I definitely keeping it because I'm in LOVE with the shape. I'm not super impressed with the leather though. Maybe I've been spoiled my HH but the leather feels a little plastic-y to me and doesn't smell leather-y enough for me. For $100, I'm happy with it but I won't ever pay full price for a Dutchy bag. I think if I had paid full price, I"d be returning it.
  8. i wih i could vote for both though!
  9. Both are pretty... I like the mocha a lot, but I tend to prefer lighter colors.
  10. Mocha :tup:
  11. i voted mocha!
  12. Mocha.
  13. They're both nice colors, but I would go with nutmeg.
  14. Mocha!
  15. Good choice!