Which color do you like better??

  1. I am definitely ordering an Anna Corinna Jetsetter JR TONIGHT! now i just need your help....which color do you guys prefer? I haven't been able to choose between the colors for the past 5 days......

    The "True Tan" has silver hardware and is $468 PLUS $22 shipping from Shopbop to guarantee it will be here by christmas.

    The "Espresso" has what looks like copperish hardware and is $468 plus free shipping from Tobi (which is authentic correct?) to be here bychristmas.

    I love them both so much, what is your vote?
    annac2000018314_347x683b.jpg DSC_0155_full.jpg
  2. Love the espresso...hey,and you can't beat free shipping.
  3. The espresso, hands down. It's gorgeous. Congrats!
  4. I've been in love with the true tan for months so TRUE TAN :woohoo:
  5. Espresso is beautiful!!!!
  6. Espresso!
  7. Espresso!

    At first I had a hard time deciding between the two in the images, but the Espresso is such a beautiful deep color. I love it!
  8. oh my gosh that is a hard decision, but i have to go wtih espresso as well ~ the color is very rich!
  9. true tans hot
  10. ^ I agree! :yes:

    I really liked them both equally until I read the part about free shipping for the espresso! Thats $22 you can spend on something else. The tan isn't pretty enough to spend extra money on it IMO :shrugs:
  11. hmm it seems like pretty much everyone likes the espresso....i think i am going to get that...I'm not sure though! argh i am driving myself crazy, i am soo indecisive!!! haha I am deciding to postpone ordering it and sleep on it.

    ***more opinions are defintiely more than welcome!!!***
  12. Definitely Espresso. Metal details are more obvious there, plus dark brown is a fashionable color this season.
  13. Espresso! It's different from most colors yet is still a neutral. I love it--very rich looking.
  14. I vote espresso too. It's a much deeper, richer color. ANd check out lunaboston.com. It's available there and they always have a 20% code GRECHEN (and free shipping, but it's UPS ground and may not make it by the holidays). Plus, I think they have a 25% code (do a search on deals and steals, but maybve GRECHEN25???) that's good through today.
  15. hey ladies, well i just ordered the bag in ESPRESSO and i got it 25% off and free shipping and free gift wrapping!!! and then right after i ordered it i went back to the page to show it to my sister and it was off the page so that means i got the last one or one of the very last ones...YAYYY. thanks for everyone who helped me decide, i'll post pictures after christmas :smile: