Which color do you like better for these flats?!

  1. Pick a color...any color (that's below!).

    I'm looking for versatile, every day flats to wear to work or just around. I tend to wear colors that match best with black...but I feel like I have so many black shoes. I like the tortoise, but would they look ok with just black (and no brown)? Thanks!
    tortoise.jpg black leather.jpg bordo.jpg
  2. I agree with you, those tortoise aren't looking ok with brown, at least in my opinion. I would go for something I can wear with everything so the black one. But if you already have something similar I'd go for the third pairs, even if you can't wear them with brown (what about brown shoes?).
  3. I like the bordo!
  4. If you're looking for something else than black, I would choose the dark red pair. The colour is so versatile, it goes with any colour, giving a little bit of colour to a monochromatic look and not being too POP as bright red would be. Even though I love brown with black, too... Combined with black slacks the red pair would be more ladylike and the tortoise pair more casual. Not much of a help, am I :shame: