which color do I get? help please... speedy empriente25

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  1. I can only buy ONE bag and I am having a hard time deciding which color I get

    I love the orion, jaipur and infini

    I cant decide which...

    so please help, if possible pls give me pros and cons

    thank you so much in advance! :smile:
  2. infini works with everything
  3. love the pop of color of jaipur but infini matches with everything....
    it depends probably a little on your wardrobe or what colors of bags you already have?!
    tough desicion - good luck!!!😊
  4. It does depend upon your wardrobe and what you need right now. For an all-round, can't go wrong color/ dark neutral, it is hard to beat the infini. It is difficult to decide, because there are so many great color choices in the Empreinte ~ I went through the same thing when I bought mine. I ended up opting for the Infini because I needed a dark neutral color and I have been very happy with it.:smile:
  5. thank you so much for the inputs!

    my wardrobe is more of casual.

    I didnt pick any shade of brown color coz I already got a mono and a damier ebene but I am really having a tough decision making which color to buy. how I wish I have enough money to buy them all LOL
  6. Good call on the brown if you have the mono and DE already! Do you need a dark neutral or a pop of color?

  7. thanks! thats my problem, I dont have either yet (pop of color/neutral)
    thats why I am having this dilemma
    which is better in empriente line? the neutral or pop of color ones?
  8. That is tough.... I went through the same thing when I bought my Infini. If in doubt, that color matches pretty much anything!:smile: GL!!

    You can always add a pop of color later.

  9. thank you so much!
    maybe when see them in person I'll listen to the beating of my heart ahahaha! :lol:
  10. Infini. It such a versatile color, you could wear it with almost everything. I don't have a con.
  11. thanks! :smile:
  12. orient, jaipur or infini? decision decision....

  13. I think I would choose the pop of color!!' as you said your wardrobe is neutral - then it would be the perfect eye-catcher!!!😃
  14. thank you!

    I am watching different vids in youtube now and the channel I was watching she bought both colors! infini and orient, makes me more confused LOL
  15. For the expense of the bag, I would choose neutral like Infini (in fact, I did!) and get a pop of color eventually in a cheaper bag, like Vernis.