Which color combo do you think I should go with??

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  1. #1 Oct 22, 2012
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    It is Mon Mono time!!!

    Help me pick please



    Mon Mono NF - green yellow.jpg

    Mon Mono NF - green orange.jpg


    I kind of want to save the blue red combo for speedy. Do you think this combo looks better on speedy than never full?

  2. No one???????
  3. I like it on the speedy more :smile:
  4. What about the color for neverfull then, green inside or outside?
  5. I like the green on the inside more..makes the yellow pop more then the other way around.
  6. I'm not a fan of mon monogram.
    Sorry. lol
  7. Blue red combo!! I love the red/pink color family against the mono!!

    And I vote for the NF. For mon mono, I like how you get an extra color lining inside which makes it more an unique piece.
  8. NF - green inside but can you change the color of the lettering because it blends in too much
  9. Personally, I like the first one.
    The color combo is nice.
    Good luck...
  10. I do love the blue red combo and I love the navy lining. Two concerns: will this be repetitive with my indigo and pomme alma, and what to pick for the speedy?

    I do like pink navy but I feel like that color isn't really me...
  11. I don't think it will be repetitive considering how much mono you are getting on the NF!!

    I saw a Tiffany blue and ivory on a speedy 35 and looovvved it. But if this is a either or situation, I would stay with the red and blue stripes on the speedy.
  12. I like the green, but not crazy about that color lettering... it blends in to me. So I am going to say red / blue. Have you looked at. Blue/green combo?
  13. I might do that. I feel that the red blue combo compliments the speedy style more since its more classic and formal.

    So for the first two which one do you like more? Green is my fav color and I don't have any green lv piece right now. On the other side, I read another post talking about rumor about emerald green vernis alma next year with new mm size... That just sounds too delicious.
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    I did. I am looking for an all season bag though i think blue green is a bit too cold...

    I agree with you on the lettering because the Gold blends in too much. I also looked at yellow green.

    Mon Mono NF - green yellow.jpg

    Is this better?
  15. Between the first and second, I like the green stripe in the center. I just think the red and blue look chic...

    And yes, I can't wait to see the new green next year and I hope LV gets that right!!