Which color Chanel Goldbar flap with handle

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  1. Dark grey (Chanel is colorblind )

    Or dark khaki

    I am also considering the burgundy. I need to add colors other than black but I also want colors I can wear all year round
  2. These two look super similar to me! I can't believe they are two different colors

    I honestly like dark khaki because it almost goes with everything and looks even better on this bag, love it!
  3. I would choose the dark khaki or the burgundy!
  4. Some just posted the burgundy (photo cred TPF)
  5. I think I'm color blind, I cannot tell the different between dark khaki and grey. Burgundy is nice though.
  6. I agree @rainypop. Both colors look the same to me too....
  7. I like khaki
  8. Here is a better picture of the 3 bags from L to R: dark grey, dark khaki and burgundy

    Attached Files:

  9. Dark grey looks like a beautiful taupe! I have a taupe Maxi and I find the colour to be quite versatile :smile:
  10. Dark grey looks gorgeous!!!
  11. First choice would be dark grey then burgundy.
  12. I like the dark grey
  13. Dark grey looks special
  14. LOL CHaNel IS COLORBLIND. Hands down Dark Grey (taupe/brown)...
  15. Khaki!!!