Which Color Céline Mini Belt Bag?

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Which color mini belt bag?

Poll closed Oct 29, 2018.
  1. Grey

  2. Amazone

  1. 0D96097D-6392-4A1B-B49F-49A5C30321DA.jpeg Hello! I would appreciate your opinion on which color mini belt bag I should get! Grey or Amazone (Green) color? I am in love with the Amazone color but am afraid that the color is less classic and would eventually look dated. Thank you!
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  3. Love the gray! It’s such a timeless color
  4. I personally love the grey, but I think you should get the one you like more
  5. Which one makes your heart sing? Do you wear a lot of colors? If your wardrobe is colorful, grey would be a nice staple. Conversely, I think green would elevate neutral outfits. I see both as being classic in their own right! Amazone is so deep and rich, and I personally prefer it as I see it being uniquely Celine.
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  6. I love the grey more in this embossed leather.. The amazone is gorgeous too but I somehow prefer it in the box leather. I think it depends on what your collection looks like. If you have other more basic neutrals, I’d go for the Amazone as that’s the one you love most. Does the grey make your heart sing? Otherwise I don’t think it’s worth getting
  7. Don’t get one for the sake of it. Get the one that really makes you excited to look at and wear. I like both but I find the Amazone green so beautiful. It is still very classic and the colour is deep enough to be a neutral.
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  8. That green......:wtf: :drool: :girlsigh: :loveeyes: :coolio:
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  9. Celine makes nice grey. That Green is unique and subtle neutral. I prefer darker coloured bag for easy maintenance, especially if it is a cross body bag, so my vote for Green.
  10. I love the look of the Amazone! But I personally ended up with the grey because I knew I‘d use it more than the Amazone
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  11. A nice grey bag might be easier to find in another model or brand. But that green is something special, a color you probably wont get the chans to buy again!
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  12. I was leaning towards the grey over amazone myself but ended up getting the mini in another color altogether because I spent way too long hmm and hawing .

    I still think grey is easier to match, green is slightly tougher ...I had practice with a furla in similar shade
  13. I just bought an Amazone box and have been wearing it like a black or navy bag. I think it’s a pretty versatile color.
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  14. I just bought an Amazone box and have been wearing it like a black or navy bag. I think it’s a pretty versatile color.