Which color Carly should I get?

  1. Which color Carly should I get? I am petite so I will be getting the MEDIUM one which is 10169.

    I want something which is easy to maintain and yet looks attractive and trendy. I am leaning towards Khaki/Black or Khaki/White, but will consider the full Chocolate one or the full Black. What do y'all think? :wlae:
  2. i love my black!
  3. My vote is for the all choco carly:drool:
    Ebay Pics 461.jpg
  4. I like the choc and all black because they are understated sigs. If you like a more state sig presence then the khaki are good. I LOVE my choc sig one looks-wise :love:
  5. Chocolate !!!!
  6. I 2nd the all black - I love mine! I think the black sig is so classy and a little more understated than the khaki - easier to dress up or down IMHO.

    However I LOVE the khaki/ white for summer. Def. more casual, but khaki sig with white trim always looks so fresh to me.
  7. Hmmm..so confused. Really tough choice! I actually thought of an understated one, but the Khaki/Black and Khaki/White look really good too bcos of the contrast between the leather trims and the fabric.

    I have seen alot of the Choc ones here from where I am form, that is the ONLY reason I am now leaning away from it..

    But still... haven't made up my mind.

    More opinions...please :smile:
  8. khaki/black!
  9. I say get the all chocolate one
  10. personally, im head over heals for khaki/white...and im not even a huge fan of sig...
  11. I say the all black. It is my first Carly and now I am in love!!! Black for me!!
  12. khaki/black! It will match with everything and is a nice neutral year round color combo! Great choice going into Spring/Summer. I think the chocolate and black look more like Fall/Winter bags to me but the khaki is year round...at least in my eyes...:yes:
  13. i like khaki and brick =)
  14. khaki/black!!! :tup: I had that in the medium and sold it and got a large in the same color.. I love love love it! :love: It matches with EVERYTHING, you don't have to worry if you are wearing black or brown, it looks great all season, and you can dress it up with just about anything if you want!!!!! My second choice would be all brown.. but did I mention I love the khaki/black?!? :graucho:
  15. I say the Khaki/ Black because then you can wear it with brown and black!!!! I have a khaki chambrey and I have considered getting the khaki/black.