Which color calcaire or rouge??

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  1. Okay, I have to sell one of my balenciaga's but I am not sure which one to let go of. It really doesn't matter which one goes better w/ my wardrobe because they both do. So which one if you had to pick would be a better choice to keep...the calcaire city or the rouge theater city?
    TIA...I appreciate any advice!!:amuse:
  2. do you have photos?
    I can't keep all the names straight!
  3. both are beautiful but i would keep the calcaire city-only b/c i have not seen many folks carrying that color around.
  4. I would keep the calcaire as it's more neutral color.. great for spring.. rouge is more for Fall color...
  5. i would keep the calcaire because balenciaga might not produce that colour anymore. red color will always be part of their collection.
  6. I just bought a Calcaire, and I'm in the market for a Rouge... so sell me the Rouge! :P ;)
  7. I would say to keep the calcaire...only because I really want one and that's the one I would keep.
  8. What is a rouge - theatre city?

    Sorry, I have never heard a bag referred to this way before.
  9. rouge theatre - fall 2005 red w/ blue undertones, I think. I would keep rouge cos I'm a sucker for reds, but I know sooo many people are looking for that one.
  10. They're both beautiful colors but if I had to choose 1 to keep it would be the calcaire.:biggrin:
  11. This is for SwankyMama!;)


  12. Calcaire is a lovely colour but I'd keep the rouge. It's such a beautiful and unique colour:love:
  13. I'd keep the calcaire, it's a gorgeous, unique color. Of course, if you do decide to sell it, I'm sure there would be many of us (myself included :P) who would be interested!
  14. Thanks for all of your replies. And thanks for posting the pics.
    I am not sure what I am going to do yet...I get really indecisive w/ things like this. :shame:
  15. Do you like one particularly over another one? I love the color of the rouge. For a B-bag, I think it really pops and is gorgeous.

    I adore the calcaire's creaminess and it does go with everything, but a b-bag looks great with some pop so I guess I'm in the minority and I would keep the rouge.
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