Which color blue do you like better?

  1. Choice #1 is Ocean Blue

    Choice #2 is Lt. Petrol

    Which color goes with more things? What do you see someone wearing with each bag? Is one color more year round than the other? Is the Ocean Blue more a spring/summer color? TIA;)
    8bfe_1.JPG 8124_1_sbl.JPG
  2. Do you prefer gold or silver hardware? I find that the color of hardware makes a big difference on blue bags to me for some unknown reason. Also, do you prefer lightweight bags or does weight not make a difference to you? Ocean has canvas and the other has suede interior which will probably make it a bit heavier.

    These colors are very similar, so I'm going by other details....
  3. I agree with thithi - both are beautiful shades of blue, so I would look at the other details to help me decide...

    Since I wear almost all silver or white gold, I would probably go with #1 myself, but if you are more of a gold person you could go with #2. Either way, you will have a gorgeous bag. Good luck!
  4. agree as well

    ...I don't wear much gold, but if I had to pick one, I think I'd choose the petrol, I like the greyish look of it. You can't go wrong with either though, they're both beautiful. :smile:
  5. I am 100% white gold or silver. I didn't really think about that. Good point about the weight.:balloon:
  6. Uh oh.... looks like you're leaning towards the Ocean! I like the silver on this bag, and it will probably be much lighter than the Petrol.
  7. i like the ocean blue, but i am not a fan of the silver hardware...
  8. I like the ocean blue better. I did not know this color existed!
  9. I agree, both are pretty and the hardware makes a difference. Also, to me the ocean is much more a "cheery" bright blue, while the lt. petrol is more muted/greyed. Do you typically wear items that are more muted or brighter? I love for the bag to stand out and complement my wardrobe. I think that will have an effect on how you wear it. Good luck making your decision. I would go for the light petrol, I think you will find that it may complement your wardrobe better.
  10. I love the first color and the silver hardware.
  11. I'm trying to think what colors I wear the most. I work at a high school, so my summers are very casual. I wear jeans a lot to school (most everyone does), but if I dress up a bit it's usually black. I'm pretty boring. I have mostly black and white shirts. The funny thing is (which I didn't think of until now) we have Pride Day every Friday. Everyone wears school colors and t-shirts. Our color is bright blue. My newest t-shirt would match the Ocean Blue. I usually don't carry my bag around with me, so I don't know why I'm thinking about that. :smile:
  12. I might be the only one that prefers the Lt. Petrol. Although it's a blue it seems almost more "neutral" to me, providing more opportunities for you to use it.
  13. I love both, either would be a great bag!! I myself prefer a shoulder bag, I don't think I would enjoy the short handles!!:yahoo:
  14. i agree with yester. while they're both beautiful bags, i prefer the light petrol/antique gold hardware combination. i think the color transcends the seasons better than the summery ocean blue would. also, because it has a more neutral tone, i also see it complementing more colors. i prefer suede lining to canvas too. even though the canvas lined bags are lighter, the suede makes it more luxe, kwim? i wear both silver and gold jewelry, but i don't match my bag's hardware to it. that's just me though. whichever one you end up picking, you can't really go wrong!
  15. Both are beautiful but I LOVE the second one! The gold hardware compliments really compliments the blue.