Which Color Bleeker Wrislet to buy??

  1. I love the new bleeker wristlets and with the PCE card I decided to buy one. Which color should I get?? I have both Black and Brown Signature purses. But I would probably being using it for a small handbag for quick trips to the store. Which color do you like??

  2. [​IMG]
  3. I have khaki and black and I think it is perfect! Best of both worlds!
  4. I guess it depends if you like your signature pattern discreet or more noticeable. I think I like the discreet signature of the black better, but they are both lovely wristlets. I'm actually getting one in juniper to match my juniper shoulder bag for Christmas.
  5. I'm going to go out a limb and recommend the leather one in WINE!!

    Other than that, wristlet #2. It will match both colors of bags.
  6. I have to vote for the wine also. If not, then I'll vote for the leather black one. I haven't gotten one yet but my sister does and really likes this wristlet.
  7. Wine!!!! I love the wine.
  8. I have the wine leather capacity wristlet and it is gorgeous. It goes with all my bags and looks great when I carry it alone. Also, it's amazing how much it holds!
  9. I think the wine/khaki combination is TDF!
  10. I sold a wine wristlet on Sunday. The color is sooo pretty!
  11. i love the wristlet you've chosen!!! I vote for #2