Which color - black or olive - Marino Orlandi

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  1. personally, I wouldn't touch any item of an ebay seller with 95% positive feedback on less than 20 sales.
  2. You know what, after really studying her feedback it looks really suspicious. A lot of it is from the same buyer, who has only 1 feedback herself, and many of the others have a low volume of feedback.

    Hmmm. Darnit. I liked the black one better.
  3. I think the black one feels more rocker, the green feels more bohemian. I think it depends on what you are wearing with it. What's your style?

    I'm partial to the italian handbag companies myself, they have beautiful leathers.
  4. yeah.... I noticed a number of the green bag seller's buyer information is "unavailable". That raises a red flag.
  5. I think you mean the black bag seller, not the green bag, right?

    As far as style, I tend to be conservative (I guess you'd never know it by the bags I've bought so far)! I wear *a lot* of black. But the feedback on that seller just scared me too much to chance it. Thanks to the above poster who encouraged me to look again at it.