Which color Black Halo dress?

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    I've been eyeing this dress for a long time and have finally decided to get it. It was out of stock in black at revolve but now it is back. I just can't decide on the color / fabric now! I usually look better in grey but this dress looks so gorgeous in black... I can't decide. What do you think?

    I am having trouble inserting my photo so I am going to try to change the pic that goes with my name on the left - hold on...
  2. Ok, my picture is in my Avatar now. My hair looks redder in the picture though - it is really a darker color and more blonde / brown. I'll work on getting a better one but hopefully this gives you an idea.

    Anyway, thanks for your advise!
  3. your pictures are very small so i can't tell or not. but if it's the textured grey i saw it in person and it left little to be desired IMO. the fabric was not as nice as the classic black...it looked cheap to me and very trendy.

    i went with the black and LOVE it!
  4. I would go with the black.
  5. Yes it is the textured grey... My gut also says to go with the black. Thank you! I am glad you love yours!
  6. Thanks Katerina!
  7. Get the black! You won't regret it. It's Classic.
  8. If you look better in gray, then you will look better in the gray.

    You could get both and return the one you like less. Revolve has free shipping both ways.
  9. I LOVE the black. :p
  10. I like the black too!
  11. Another vote for the black!
  12. I have this dress in black and OMG, every time I wear it, I got compliments left and right. The gray (I think) mutes the beauty of the dress.
  13. I ordered the black! If it fits, I'll post pictures when I get it.
  14. YOu're gonna look wonderful. Black Halo rocks!
  15. I promised to post myself wearing the dress so here I am...

    So it is very fitted and snug - I might have been better off with L (this is M) but the top is slightly loose. Hopefully it will stretch a little and I will lose a few more pounds (I have lost 10 this year and if I lose 10 more I will be back to the weight I have been for 90% of my life... I just lost control for a little while...

    Anyway - I feel so vulnerable posting a pic but I promised.