Which color Balenciaga city and classique should I get?

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  1. I want to get the city to carry casually, but also for work. So a versatile color that won't look insanely out of place with business clothes. I'd really love to do the dark red, but would that be inappropriate for work? Would it be better it get the classique in red and the city in black or another neutral color?
    I need color suggestions ladies! Thanks so much ;)
  2. black city, i just bought one more than a week ago and i love her, the size is very practical and the color goes well wtih anything.....
  3. Go for the city black.....it's versatile and u won't go wrong....like Nicole RIchie, she loved her city black and always carry it with any outfits, which is her best choice:greengrin: :greengrin:

  4. Aww, no red for work? :crybaby:
    Eeep! I'm changing my mind now. I'm thinking the classique is too small even for casual daywear maybe I should get the bowling bag in red for weekends.

    As for work, the black sometimes looks so distressed I was worried that it might look too casual/beat up for work whereas a color looks more delibrate.
  5. what about a truffle? some color yet not overwhelming..not to mention it is an all year round color too:yes:
  6. Hmmmm...

    Black in either style... but definately black!
  7. I would get a Black City! look around, they are not all heavily distressed! These bags definitely vary that way!!
    and I would get a smaller bag in a bright color (I tried a red City and it was just too much for me personally)

    JMO :p
  8. I wear the truffle to work. But then I have nothing black in my wardrobe.
  9. I agree!:yes:
  10. I'm going against the grain here....

    Grenat City for work.... and the mini bowling or day in a fun color!! Like vert gazon, jaune, blueberry.... etc.
  11. Black City!!! :yes:
  12. I think an anthracite city is a great alternative to a black city. I don't think a grenat or bordeaux city would be out of place in a business setting. It would be classic without being too bright.
  13. I like your original suggestion, which is to get a dark red for the First size, and then a neutral like black for the City size.
  14. I think a maroon red would look great :yes:

    Bam's wife, Missy carried around a maroon-colored bbag on the show & I thought it looked awesome.

    The next season's colors look like they're going to have alot of red-y colors. I'm not familiar with what colors are currently available in reds...??
  15. What about a black city and a red work for the weekends? I think the bowler is still a pretty small bag...though I've never owned one so correct me if I am wrong...I guess the larger sized bowler would not be too small...