which color bag next????

  1. I've got black, indigo and sandstone. Which color next? Contemplating finding an ink?? or should I get anthracite???

    what color would you get next?
  2. Definitely Aqua will be my next color! I can't wait!
  3. Ink is fabulous!! :yes: I think it goes with just about everything.
  4. Anthracite or aquamarine
  5. messengerbaglover - Didn't you have an aqua PT?? Am I thinking of someone else?? Did that go back?? I have been away for a week and think I have missed a bunch. :smile:
  6. I sold it. I couldn't make the GH work for me.
  7. I know what you mean. The GH looks pretty good in pics but when I went to NM and saw it in person I really didn't like it. I wanted the New Hobo style but it only comes with GH so I really HOPE they make it with RH SOON!
  8. Gotcha. :smile:

    Well, something different in aqua is nice, or if you like darker colors... hmmm, guess my vote still goes to Ink.

    you already have indigo- a blue so no need for ink

    or...I would go for green- maybe vert gazon or vert d'eau
  10. you seem to have a lot of great neutrals and darks. what about something fun and bright for spring? i do vote for either green or maybe even a bold red.
  11. I was contemplating a rouge vif bowler....
  12. messengerbaglover - that sounds smokin HOT
  13. I'd head into the reds/rouille...you already have three gorgeous classic neutrals!
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    That would be an awesome addition to your family!
  15. ^^ ITA highgloss!