Which color bag do you like better with gold hardware..

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  1. The dark forest green (emerald) or the Cocoa color?
    I'm trying to make a decision and can't decide on something.
    What do you think?
  2. My votes for Cocoa - I love gold hardware :upsidedown:
  3. You can't go wrong either way, but I prefer the green because it's a little more unusual.
  4. i agree with bag-addict!
  5. I would go with the Emerald, it's such a gorgeous & unique color!
  6. I like both so I guess it depends on what bags you already have. If you want something more neutral and dependable, i'd go for cocoa. If you want something more fun and lively, I'd go for the emerald. It really depends on your taste, your clothes, and what you already have in your collection.
  7. My vote is for cocoa but I tend to play it safe.
  8. Go with Emerald!! I think the green with gold is very striking.
  9. Thank you everyone for your input ! :smile:
    I wear a lot of neutrals actually. I feel everything I own is cream or brown (LOL).
    I thought the green would "perk up" my outfits (but I'd probably wear it with white shirts and jeans).
    I like the brown b/c it's a basic earthy color.
    I preferred the nickel hardware - but gold on these bags doesn't bother me....

    but you know what? I saw a cream mini elise that had gold hardware and it didn't look as nice as other colors.
    Like the light grey color doesn't look great w/ gold hardware - but the new color like Wheat looks amazing w/ the gold hardware.

    I'm hoping the rumor is true that he's going back to nickel :smile:
  10. ^i'm the exact same way. my whole wardrobe basically consists of brown, white, cream, gray, and blue. lately i've been trying to add more color especially since it's summer. as for bags, i don't know if there exists any shade of brown that i don't own! the only color bag i have is my bordeaux stam, and i'm in the process of buying a blue one though. i'm doing my best to diversify.

    if you think you will wear the green a lot then i say you should go for the emerald. however, i bought a green dior gaucho only to sell it a few months later because i never carried it. i love my bordeaux stam, but i don't get much use out of it either compared to, say, my chocolate bbag. it's hard to break a pattern. i am such a sucker for brown. i love the cocoa and it looks gorgeous with the gold toned hardware.
  11. EMERALD! Without question!:yahoo:
    (I don't like the yellow stitching on the cocoa colour)
    The green is so deep and the gold looks so pretty against it! :cutesy:
  12. My vote is emerald.
    I purchased the large MP in Cocoa, but sold to my sis because I couldn't deal with the gold on the bag. A little too bright & flashy for me.
    Now I also have the ZC in cocoa which I love because contrasting stitching looks great and gold not as flashy.

    Sigh - couldn't he do antiquey or brushed gold?
  13. Your "palette" describes my work wardrobe too! - Lots of navy and brown. I love to accent with bordeauxs, blues and muted greens. MJ has so many alternatives for those (like me) who don't wear black well.
  14. I adore green bags so I vote Emerald!