Which color/bag did you absolutely have to have, but now don't use?

  1. I was wondering because I'm thinking about getting a fun color like violet - but I'm not sure I'd ever really use a violet bag that much - if ever.

    I bought a 05 turquoise First in spring that I had to have (and I'm glad I got her :drool:!) but somehow I use her much less than my 05 First or 07 Vert foncé Day.
    So... I don't regret that one but... KWIM?
  2. I go in spurts with my bags. I am bad in that if the bags are in the dustbags and I can't see them, I almost forget I have them. I think the bag I love the most but use the least (I carried it once at this point...maybe twice) is the AG City. I just love looking at it though.
  3. mine's the bubblegum pink mini-twiggy- it was so cute but I hardly ever use it now. I like taking it out and looking at it though. Its a really cheery colour!
  4. Hmm, I'd have to say my taupe first. I'm thinking of giving it to my future SIL now, because she seems to love it lot more than me. I feel I've used the bag into the ground and everyone is sick of seeing me with it. There was a point where friends would intro me to their BF's as, "The girl with the taupe Balenciaga." :true: That's the main reason...plus the handles need some TLC!
  5. Magenta. So I just sent her to a new home.
  6. Rouge VIF. Sold it then a while later since my Mom never carried hers, gave her one of mine and took her red. Carried it a handful of times but it rarely sees the light of day.
  7. Lilac...I'm afraid of fading and dirt!
  8. Got an ink box coz I loved the colour, but have never used it, as it simply doesn't match my wardrobe. So I'm recycling to get something more fitting!!
  9. rouge vif - love the color (i had a DAY and a courier) but carrying a red bag just isn't my thing. the leather and color on both bags were TDF, but they just sat in my closet...
  10. The NM anniversary bag with gunmetal giant hardware. HAD to have it and its been sitting in the bag still in my closet.

    I do look at it every night before I go to bed though.

    Still not sure if its going back....
  11. Same here. lol. Mine is edging closer to the return box, but part of me just can't do it.
  12. Blue India. Its so pretty, but I can't seem to find the perfect outfit for it. I wear too much blue and green, and I don't care for blue india next to either of those colors. I still have her around, though, and don't want to sell her because I do love the color.
  13. The Emerald City was the bag that made me love Balenciaga, but now that I have one, I find that I use it much less than my other bags. I can't decide whether or not to sell it, since it was one that I wanted SO much.
  14. ^I completely understand! I had a VG giant hobo I adored. I loved looking at her. But I just didn't get around to wearing her much, I think it was the gold GH, because it sure wasn't the color which I still find gorgeous. I've since traded the bag, although that was hard!
  15. My Holy Grail, an 06 lilac city. I love to look at it sometimes, though.