Which color Baby Cabas to pick????


Which Color Baby Cabas would you pick?

  1. White

  2. Teal(Blue)

  3. Khaki(Bronze)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. O.K., I need everyone's input. I'm on a wait list for Baby Cabas in White, Teal, and Khaki. I haven't seen one IRL yet, but just got me thinking which one to pick. All the chanel bags I have are:

    -Red East-West lamb skin flap
    -Navy Patent Double flap
    -Vintage Ligne N/S Tote in Dark White
    -MM tote in Brown Suede
    -MC Flap in White
    -Lux Bowler in Khaki/Bronze

    I'm a very casual person, I always wear jeans.....soooo which color would you pick??:wlae:
  2. White! You already have the bronze bowler, and the khaki cabas is similar in color to the bowler. White is stunning, I love my white more than my black. I'm also getting the khaki because I don't have any bronze/khaki colored bags.
  3. My first choice is Khaki but you have one in Luxe
    Second is white if you don't care for another white bag
    Teal is a nice colorful one for wearing with jeans.
    What about black cabas? You do not own any Chanel Black?
  4. khaki would b my first pic.. followed by white...
  5. Whiiiiiiiiite...!!!!!!!!!!!

    although you have many white chanel bags, I think Baby Cabas looks really pretty in white!
  6. I really fell in love with the teal at the trunk show so I vote for teal. Especially since you have white and khaki bags already. Teal is so unique.
  7. I know you already have the bowler in bronze, but the Baby Cabas in Khaki is just stunning!
  8. Bronze:heart:
  9. Teal would be nice with jeans. IRL it is a beautiful color! :yes:
  10. Teal or Bronze. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  11. Thank you so much for all of your opinions!!!!!!!
    A lot of people likes bronze, huh? Yeah, I wonder if bronze in Cabas will be same color as lux line.....if it's the same, then it's no fun to get same color I guess. I don't really care for black bag......exp. when it comes to a big bag.
  12. bronze!
  13. Teal, based on the colors of your other bags. But all 3 colors are gorgeous -- you can't go wrong. Please post some modeling photos when you get it?
  14. From all the pics posted so far, teal is blowing me away.