Which color B bag is this?

  1. Hi every one,
    I have been looking to find out what color is the attached B bag and
    have gotten no where. I hope you guys can help me because i don't know where to find one:s
  2. Hi Nanaz - can't see your pictures...
  3. Sorry i was having a hard time to upload form the site but i just got it.:heart:
  4. yay! looks like a bordeaux or grenat...very pretty!!!

    (my, Nicole's feet look like little bird feet!!:lol: )
  5. Looks, to me, like last season's Bordeaux.
  6. I'm with Cal, it
    s bordeaux but grenat looks pretty similar to it. If you like the colour you might get a grenat because it's easier to get as it's a F/w colour..
  7. I have seen the Grenat but i did not like it. Any where i can
    still find the Bordeax?:love:
  8. There is a beautiful 05 bordeaux Purse on sale on the Achtung! thread.
  9. Thanks Roxane- but i like the City style because i carry a lot with me. Are you guys sure it is the Bordeax?:love:
  10. It's bordeaux, the photo was taken before grenat came out.:yes:
  11. I've never seen pics of Nicole with a Bordeaux before ... are there other pics of her with this bag? It looks beautiful ... I also think it looks nicer than what I've seen of Grenat IRL (although some pics of Grenat on this forum have been GORGEOUS).
  12. Fiatflux- I was able to find another pic. I know it is gorgeous and i am deparate to find one. She looks great with it.:drool:
  13. I hope they reissue that color...it's soo beautiful! I've been wanting one too, in the Twiggy style.
  14. to me that is bordeaux.

    pursemama i have that in twiggy and i really like the color.

    there are some b bags in bordeaux in raffaello network but i've never bought anything from them so i cannot comment on their service or the authencity of their b bags.
  15. Wow KaKa28 Twiggy sounds lovely too and thanks for the info.:smile: