Which color are you MOST excited to see pics of on the forum for the new season?

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  1. After all this talk, and guessing and swatches, what color are you most excited to see post first??? :P I can't wait to see sienna, violet and steele!
  2. The Ocean and Steal
  3. Rouge and Sienna!
  4. I'm looking for a dark green bag...so i'm excited to discover the new tone of green. I hope i'll love one of them!
  5. ocean and tomato
  6. Juane and violet
  7. Tomato and Jaune!
  8. Sienna & Tomato!! :smile:
  9. Rouille/Paprika, Dark Olive and Jaune/Marigold.
  10. Rouge, Jaune and Violet!
  11. I'm interested to see the Sienna and Tomato.
  12. Grape and Tomato!!!
  13. Tomato!!!!
  14. steel and violet!! and tomato would be cool to see IRL too :smile:
  15. Violet and Ocean :drool: