Which Color And Style To Pick? Advice Needed!!

  1. Hi Everyone: I am contemplating my second Bbag. I currently have a black City which I really like. I am thinking of either another City or a Twiggy in either grenat or truffle. Which color and style do you think would be more useful on a daily basis? I am a fairly casual, outdoor person. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELP!! :heart: :smile: :smile:
  2. I love my Twiggy, so I say go with that because you already have a City.

    Even though you already have a real neutral (black) I'm going to suggest the truffle. Twiggy looks GREAT in brown. The grenat will be beautiful, too, I'm sure, but I've seen truffle IRL, and it's a perfect fit with the Twiggy style.
  3. stormy .... I would vote for a twiggy in truffle - this bag (style) and color goes with everything, looks also great with black, jeans and all other colors and clothes (IMO) :yes: :love:
  4. hi! you can't go wrong w/ any combo you choose ~ both grenat & truffle are lovely colors. both the city & twiggy are awesome styles. sorry i'm no help!
  5. i love truffle more... about style, i guess u should try on the twiggy first.
    although it's a very great and comfortable bag, i found that this style don't suit everyone as the city does.

    g luck! :p
  6. ITA with firstclass1. You should try another style and truffle is a neutral color. Good luck with your decision.:yes:
  7. Thanks so much for all of your help. It's given me even more to think about!! I love the grenat, but I think it might be too bright for everyday casual use, so I am leaning towards the truffle right now. :smile:
  8. Truffle :drool: :love: - I have a city in that and you canNOT imagine how lovely it looks! It's a brown that's oh-so special but yet will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe (from jeans and tee to night out on the town). City is a true classic but twiggy is very cute so no help in choosing the style i'm afraid :shame:
  9. Have you tried a twiggy in person? I found that I didn't like a lot of the styles when I tried them on or saw them in person. If you can't see it in person, try buying from a place with a great return policy like Neiman Marcus.

    I think if I had a black city, I might go for a jazzier color like rouge VIF. But choosing between your choices of grenat and truffle, I would probably choose truffle.
  10. I had a Twiggy for a very short time and traded it with a wonderful PFer for a Chloe box which I love!! So I really didn't get to "know" the Twiggy. I am 5'1" and medium build. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the City or Twiggy would be a better style for me?
  11. stormy, i'm 5'3" and thought the twiggy was too long for me. I love the size of my city though...
  12. I'd say Truffle Twiggy.
  13. I'll say grenat City.
  14. I like both truffle and grenat. I like both twiggy and city.

    Such a hard decision to make.

    But, I reckon...Truffle twiggy will look cooler than grenat city. Truffle is such a great color- its so original and eye catching with its veins.
  15. Since you have black i would go with a grenat city...!