Which color Alma B.B. would you get?

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  1. Hey guys, I am thinking to get an Alma B.B. next week, but I am really struggling on it’s beautiful color range in epi line, I have narrowed down to three colour options for myself, and I would love to hear your opinions and experiences on the colour you choose/chose.
    Before I get started, I just want to explain a bit more about my background. I have a good range of collection, few of them in black, one in magenta, theoretically I don’t “need” any of the colour to fill the gap of my collection, but I just want an Alma in my life. The images are from Louis Vuitton official website.
    Thanks for your inputs.
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  2. Black, unless you have something similar in size and use. I have the Coquelicot and looking to purchase the black. Such a classic colour for a classic bag.
  3. Black is obviously the safest choice but for some reason im drawn to the magenta just so I can have that one "Fun" bag
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  4. I think the Denim Bleu is a cute option
  5. Well, you got three different responses...To me magenta is a summer color, blue and black you can wear all year along. Black is a safe choice, conservative, you cannot go wrong. I would choose blue, it isis gre with white, navy summer style, or blue jeans, dresses, and formal look as well. I find blue the most versatile.
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  6. I would go for the black, black is perfect for day or night and in every season. Dark blue i feel is very limiting for example if you want to wear a glittery cocktail dress or something a bit more formal then the dark blue might look out of place. but it really depends on your style and personality :smile:
  7. Bleu Indigo or Noir would be my top choices.
    I don't find the pink to be appealing.
  8. If you already have a small black/dark coloured bag then I would go for the pink. If not, a darker colour could be beneficial as you could use it for day and night :smile:.
  9. The blue one.
  10. Thanks guys for your suggestions. The other day when I was in the store, i saw the black and red, I tried them on both. They all look gorgeous individually, especially the red one, really pops, but I am not really a red color person, I do have some pink or magenta outfit, mainly neutral color though. So I think maybe the reason I put indigo in my option is because I am debating between black and magenta, if I am making any sense here, lol.
    The black color is so elegant and classic, the freesia(magenta) to me is a fun, ride or die color. Lol.
    It is a serious decision! ;/
  11. Agree black or magenta. To be honest I think your photo of indigo is nicer than indigo irl. I tried the bb in indigo thinking I wanted it and was underwhelmed. Black most versatile and could be used as evening bag as well. Magenta a great pop of color but will perhaps be used less often. Good luck!
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  12. I would go for pink! This particular pink is a very nice shade that perfectly suits the size and shape of the bag. It is not too neon and there is a lot of red in it. There will always be another black bag but finding a good pink is not so easy.
  13. Black
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  14. My first Alma was red because I wanted that pop of colour. Most of my clothes are black, blue and grey with occasional colour red, green etc.. . I tend to add colour with accessories and the red really pops against the black/blue. However when I go out, I do like to wear red more and wanted a more neutral classic colour..hence looking at the black Alma BB as my possible next bag.
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  15. I would go for the pink as you have a few black bags in your collection, plus you love the colour! It would be a great colour for the summer too! :biggrin: