which collection this BV is?

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  1. hey all, I'm new to BV, and fall in love with them

    Plz help me, which collection this bag is, can not find it in the Ref library, TIA:heart:
  2. ^It`s a permanent item, doesn`t have a specific name, but the colour is Noce.
  3. i absolutley love this bag. i love the darker brown. i've been looking for it for some time now. i wonder if they go on sale? it is so soft. the only downside for some would be that its open inside. it has no middle compartment.
  4. Roe, I saw the ebano version of this bag in Bluefly recently. Maybe you might want to give it a check.
  5. Isn't that the Capri?
  6. I know it as the locked tote. I've never heard it referred to by another name.
  7. thanks all, plz help me to choose a color,
  8. which one?

    Brown? chocolatey? or Red?:yahoo:
    77652311_13272.jpg 4fac_1.jpg
  9. that brown sure is nice.
  10. Well, my approach with a BV style I like is get one in every colour!! But if you are getting just one, I would say the red!
  11. If you're a red person, go for it. I love red. You can't lose with any of them. But I like the way Bookermoose thinks...if you like it, buy one in every color.
  12. I really like the red!