which collection is this ?

  1. Hi All,

    I came across these snapshots online, and was very intrigued with this metallic color yet with the classic style (is this a reissue ?? because i don't recognize this material/leather). Could anyone please educate me which year this flap was produced , and where I could still find it ??? thank you very much!


  2. That looks like a metallic reissue. In a longer east west style (not sure bout that).
  3. hmm, the logo and the shape of the bag look odd... how does the logo look? does it have the CC logo? i can't see from the pictures.
  4. I absolutely agree, thats why I was very curious what kind of leather/collection is this bag ? because I have never seen such a shiny silver metallic Chanel ...
    i don't have the original pics, wish i could see the closeup... but i dun think its a reissue closure though, at least it doesnt look like it from the pic
  5. Frankly I don't have a clue! Looks like it's got the cc closure and the leather(????)looks some sort of patent to me or something with a mirror effect like a vinyl perhaps! :confused1::wondering
  6. Too bad there aren't better pictures. =/ It looks nice though! Probably vintage since none of us recognize it.
  7. Is it authentic at least??:confused1:
  8. hum ive never seen that before. cant really see the clasp. i hope its authentic..
  9. could someone help with this authenticity question ? because if its a fake, i dont wanna have it at all !
  10. ^ i have a feeling it's not authentic...
  11. Those C's look like O's to me, to be honest!
  12. I have the same feeling too :shame:
  13. Another thing is that the holes where the chains passes through are closer with each other,I mean not near the edges of the bag!
    Pinkpiano do you still have the site's URL ? was it from a fashion show ,which means authentic,or else?TIA!
  14. Now you mention it, they doo look weird to me, I looked at my flaps, and the holes should be more above the flap too right ??
    Sorry that i don't have any URL, coz these snaps are just sent from my friend when we were browsing through albums online earlier.

    but if its a fake, i dont think anyone of us would want to know where we could find this.
  15. It resembles the "Secret label", patent flap,I read it's coming out in black, not sure of any other colours though!:hrmm: