Which collection is this baby?

  1. I did not find it in the reference library. This is a pretty color:tup: Is it available anywhere now? How much will it cost? TIA!

    unknown red .jpg unknown red 1.JPG
  2. I'm not sure, but I think maybe it's part of the Ultimate Soft collection. I seem to remember someone here getting it -- and in this color too.
  3. It's definitely from the Ultimate Soft collection. It looks to me to be the large size, which is also referred to as the messenger bag. Hope that helps!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  4. yep...ultimate soft. Nice Bag.
  5. Ultimate Soft, 2005. Someone near and dear to my own little heart has that bag:


    It's still available, but not in this color and the chain is different. I'm not sure the smooth leather is still available unless it's in the large version of this bag. The medium size has a quilt stitch. I've seen it in black and tan.
  6. Thank you all! This is very helpful! The new version(Tammy's reply: post #26) also looks gorgeous. I like the new handle and the quilt sticth:smile: Wondering whether the price has been increased, since it is from SS collection
  7. omg crazy!!!! i saw this bag today at my friends house. its the exact one and it felt GORGEOUS. i was wondering what collection its from lol. whats the retail price????
  8. That style is called the Sombrero and is WAY more expensive than the quilt stitch version. The quilt stitch is (was??) around $1600-1700 last I looked. The Sombrero is around $2200-2400 I believe. I know it's over 2K because I plonked it right back on the shelf when I saw that last month! :wtf:

    Edit note: nevermind, I just saw the price tag in the picture from post #26. I KNEW it was obscene! Here's a link to Boxermom's new Ultimate Soft. It's $1595.
  9. Yes, I do believe this is an ultimate soft. Anyone in here knows when was this released and any modelling pics of this bag?
  10. ^^^It comes in two sizes. Which are you wanting modeling pics of?
  11. Prada Psycho- I would like to see modeling pics of both sizes.hahaha~~~ What size is this red though?
  12. Oh, one more thing: I start to worry stitches might be easy to go loose after I read posts about loose stitching on the expandable tote....Anyone had this problem with your ultimate soft?
  13. I have the large ultimate soft, the leather is so soft and doesnt scratch easily, but the bag has no structure , I mean none so it turns into a true hobo . If you like structured bags like the gst or flaps, it would be a complete change for you.

  14. Mine is a medium. Here's a pic of me with mine. It wears very easily as a shoulder bag, too. I love mine. I really should carry it tomorrow!! :graucho: