Which Coffer???lol!!!help Please!

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  1. Should I get the Camel(natural )leather MIU MIU COFFER ..OR the black leather COFFER?
    Im buying this at 11 AM..so I need opinions NOW..PUH-LEASE!:nuts: ;)

    Im leaning towards the natural..since I have a GAZILLION black bags..plus I think the natural is timeless..can be worn all year round..plus its the newest Coffer out too...
    Please let me know what you think.I really appreciate your help!!:heart:
  2. natural! :yes:
  3. Natural leather! I think it works best with this bag, and as you have mentioned you have lots of black bags.
  4. Def. the Camel (Nutmeg).
  5. ITS official..Im going for the natural colored one that MEGS posted on the PF blog page!!WOOHOO!Will post pics when I get it from MIU MIU store..hopefully tomorrow!
  6. Congrats Jill! Can't wait to see pictures. =)
  7. ^Itll be here tomorrow..Hope I LOVE it cuz the MIU MIU store only gives store credit for returns..rofl..EEK!!
  8. I hope you will love it too, Camel is a nice change from your Black bags. Will find out tomorrow. =)
  9. OH MY GOSH!!!!

    I GOT THE COFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The leather is JUST as nice as the Prada Gauffre!!!Its like a caramel brown color..HOLY MOLY....I have to wear this baby today!!WOOHOO!
  10. PICTURES PICTURES!!! I demand to see some.. especially since I talekd you into buying it!! :graucho:
  11. HAHA! Pics are coming.Home sick today..still in jammies..looking scary..lol....
  12. Is that any different than usual?? :roflmfao: JK!!
  13. ^ Too True!!!lol!
  14. Lol, reading this made me run and change into jeans, and it's 5.30 here :Push:

    Anyway, can't wait to see pics :nuts: