Which Coco Bag would you choose?

  1. My wonderful SA reserved me the Coco bag in white, dark brown, or black leather. I didn't even ask her, too. I love that! Anyway, I didn't think I had a chance of getting one, now I don't know which one to choose.

    My wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals, browns, and dark browns. I also wear a little black. I also like the idea of a white bag, but she has me down for the Modern Chain tote in white.

    They should be in on Friday, and I have then to decide. For those that have seen them, what is your opinion?

    I like the fact that the black is more of a dark grey. But, I have a weakness for brown colored bags.

    Any advice?
  2. From what you say your wardrobe consist of, I would say the Brown. But you should really take a look at all of them, you may surprise yourself :P Congrats on getting one of the highly sought after bags :flowers:
  3. in this style, i personally like the black one. but please do try them all and follow your heart.
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