Which Cocktail Dress for 007 theme?

  1. im wondering which one i should wear for a 007 theme party taht will be on mtv...

    this one, but the black collar part is sequined, not satin


    a bebe dress that kinda looks likethis without the straps (tube dress) and it's not bubbled
  2. I prefer the first one.
  3. I prefer the second one, it is much more flattering.
  4. 007 from which decade?! The first one looks very 60s and mod, but the second one is more verstatile. I vote for #2.
  5. I like the first one better...
  6. I like the first one better too.
  7. First one.
  8. second one with super high heels and hair extensions (if your hair is not already long)
  9. i do like the first one better. not much to the 2nd one. have fun!
  10. cool theme! I like the first one....but I would love to see the "real" second one that you're thinking about.
  11. 2nd dress. Have Fun!
  12. 1st dress!
  13. I think the second one is def more 007-ish
  14. #2! for my two bits..my not so fashion forward DH saw a dress similar to #1 on E! and said 'that's not flattering' :wtf: who knew?!
  15. im tired of the trapeze dresses -- i think they are unflattering unless you have a gut to hide (just my opinion tho), so my vote is for #2