Which Coat is more of a Classic?


Which Burburry coat is more of a classic?

  1. Burburry Quilted Jacket

  2. Burburry Long Trench

  3. Burburry Short Trench

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  1. Need Help Figuring which Burburry is more of a Classic!

    Burburry Quilted Jacket
    Burburry Long Trench
    Burburry Short Trench

    I'm 5' and worried about getting buried in something long!
    700088_fpx.tif.jpg 700249_fpx.tif.jpg 700253_fpx.tif.jpg
  2. I think definitely the 2nd one - and that looks 3/4 to me - not full length so should be fine on someone your height. I have a 3/4 burberry & I love it! I'm 5'2.
  3. the 2nd pic doesnt look full length but I would go for a short not full length trench coat - trench coats are classic.
  4. 2nd one IMO. I have it and it looks fabulous on. :smile:
  5. I think all of the Burberry coats you listed are truly classic in design, but the one I think of first when I think "Burberry" is the long trench in beige. I actually have one and I'm 5'4". It's the perfect length for me. Hope that helps.
  6. I would say the Short trench one. I am also 5'. I just purchased the Burberry short Wool Trench last month and it fits perfect on me.
  7. the second looks more classic, but I like the third one better
  8. The short trench! It's so classic and the coat I think of when I think "Burberry."
  9. i love the short trench
  10. i picked the short trench b/c it's a different look than the classic already seen long trench. you get the same look but updated with the short one
  11. Second one for sure!

    If it's not the right lenght the store should be able to adapt it to you. :tup:
  12. If you go to the burberry store, and buy the long trench, the people there should have a service where they can help you take it up a bit (if you're too short). My friend did it and the coat looks amazing on her!
  13. will they provide this service even if you buy the coat from another retailer? (NM, Saks, Bloomies...etc)
  14. I voted for the short trench. It's still a classic design, but I believe the shorter length fits us petite girls better.
  15. I'm only 5'2 but have a long trench which i shortened and it's perfect for me. I found the short trench to be too short and it made me feel shorter than I am if that makes any sense. so, I vote for the 2nd so it can be tailored.