Which coat for Paris New Years?

  1. Hello everyone! I'm heading out to Paris for the first time next weekend, and am wondering which coat to bring. I'm going for only a week and just want to carry one basic coat to throw on to be warm. Is it really cold? I have a Calvin Klein khaki wool trench coat that is very warm, but is heavy and can be bulky. I also have a thin, raincoat like Burberry trench (I believe it's Annika style). It's not as warm, but I was thinking that I was going to be layering anyways. I'm leaning towards the Burberry trench because it's just a better style and look, but lacks in warmth. The CK coat is definitely warm, but not the most flattering.

    Any advice would be helpful on which coat, as well as what else to take with me. Will a shift dress over a turtleneck and leggings be warm enough? Thanks in advance!
  2. It will be in the low 40s/high 30s so maybe the Burberry trench will be too cold?
  3. I just bought an Armani black wool peacoat from Saks and it's really nice and warm. I would bring a thick coat because it is pretty chilly this time of year! The coat was about $1300 but I got it on sale for about $800