Which coat do you like more??

  1. it's my first time posting in here. i wanted some opinions on these winter coats. (some background, im 23, live in brooklyn and an artist)

    which do you like better?

    1. the black with ruffles?

    2. the red with big buttons( i would get it in black probably, although the red is realy cute)

    p255518c.jpg V258523.jpg
  2. I like the style of the red one more.
  3. oooh I love the black one best.

    I think the red (or even in black) with the big gold military buttons, has been overdone now.

    The black ruffled one is understated and lovely, and definitely gets my vote
  4. I like the red one, because of the slight flare at the bottom. I think that is a feminine and flattering style.
  5. red!
  6. The red one!!
  7. Black! It's so cute without being over the top. The red is cute too, but the black one just looks nicer.
  8. I tried on the black coat (but in white) at Urban Outfitters but the cut is really strange.... You might want to try it on first before you buy....

    Both are cute!
  9. i just bought that red coat!!
  10. Red, in red!!!
  11. ^agree!!!red coats are adorable!!
  12. i like them both, but i prefer the first one! so cute!
  13. I love the red one!
  14. redredredredredredredredredRED!
  15. the red one is CUTE!!!