Which Coach?

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  1. Hi. I'm new to TPF but usually browse around. I enjoy everyones collections so much!!:drool:

    I would really like to get my FIRST designer hand bag, and I really really REALLY like coach. So here is my question...

    Which coach bag do you use the most?? Which do you find the most pratical and functional.

    I personally love the large soho hobos. Are they nice bags? :confused1: I have NO experience with coach at all so I'm really looking to hear a whole wack of opnions to help me decide which style to go for.

    I like bags that go on the shoulder (no cross body) and not too big, but not too small..i need to fit a blackberry, tissue, large wallet, keys, and other lip products!! Thanks ladies :wlae:
  2. I personally love my Ali or Slim Flap the most. I have the Carly, but I find it too large and heavy for me.
    I have the slim flap in 2 colors and use one of them almost everyday. The perfect size, weight, capacity, etc.
    Just in my humble opinion!
  3. If you don't mind my asking...Which Slim Flap do you have...the Ali? What colors?
  4. my staple bag is a gallery tote in black signature. it goes with everything and is big enough but not too big for everyday use. Second up would be the carly. The medium size is perfect and it is made VERY well. check out my collection photos through the link in my sig, and you can see the carly and the gallery there. Good luck and welcome!!

  5. Welcome to the forum!!

    My first Coach was a soho hobo (and I now have 3), so I'll always have a soft spot for them. Bias aside, I think they are very nice bags.
  6. You can't go wrong with a Soho hobo. They are great all around bags and perfect for your first.

    WELCOME to tPF!
  7. my khaki/gold sign. Ali, love it recomment it!
  8. I think a Carly or Ali would be a great start....good luck deciding. And welcome!
  9. I am a lover of large bags, so I don't know how much help I would be. I have a black signature large Carly that I love. My current bag is the large ergo tote in vintage leather. I love it too. It is classic in color and style so I don't believe it will ever be out of fashion (not that I concern myself too much with keeping up to date like that.) It comes in a regular size as well, which many tpf-ers have and love.

    Soho stuff is great, especially for a first bag. If you have an outlet near you, I'd recommend going there to get one. Quite often they'll have boutique returns there, and I bought a Soho large hobo there before.

    Please let us know whatever you end up with!
  10. thanks for the suggestions...i'm running off to coach.com to see them all :smile:

    Surprisingly my mommy just bought me my first coach!!! a swing bag? maybe sling? Sorry I'm not good with names yet!!

    I"M SO EXCITED!!! Stophle I wish I lived near an outlet :sad: I"m up in Canada where i can't even really find coach (only at holts!). Is there an outlet around Settle? (I may be planning a trip ;) )
  11. I am loving the ergo hobo in patent - I have 2, but they are large. Welcome!!!
  12. Welcome! There are a lot of choices with Coach, so you may want to break it down into what you need as well as wear such as colors. Do you carry a lot of stuff or minimal? Do you like 1 shoulder strap or 2 handles? Signature or leather?
  13. My 1st was a soho hobo, but Carlys are really popular around here.